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Today, regardless of your field of expertise, you must be knowledgeable in numerous subjects. Innovative LED lighting systems apply leading edge technologies in all relevant domains.
Besides your know-how it is key to be informed about the latest component and product trends and not to miss business information concerning suppliers, competitors, patent issues and upcoming LED events.

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LED professional Review (LpR) is the leading technology magazine on a global scale covering areas such as LEDs, OLEDs, optics, drivers, cooling devices, controllers, lamps and fixtures. With LpR you will always be up-to-date with important business and event information.

Today more than 15,000 readers trust LED professional Review (LpR). Here is what our readers say:

  1. "Very informative on all aspects relating to LEDs.""A lot of information; well organized.""Broad information content, articles on cutting edge technologies, products and applications.""Good, comprehensive overview of relevant subjects"."Keeps me updated on an industry that I have been working in for the past eight years.""I enjoy the articles that show good photos of designs, news, and any editorials commenting on progress in the industry.""Good feedback on technological development.""This is the resource for global trend and information on the LED industry.""I do not want to miss LED professional as a valuable source of information on all essential aspects of LED markets and technologies." said Dr. Paul Hartmann, Head of Research & Technology, ZUMTOBEL LED DIVISION (Austria)

  2. "Because of the publication of the news in the LED professional magazine and website, we made a breakthrough on efficiency and feedbacks in the competitive market of LED. We know that the effort of LED professional makes Edison grow stronger in the LED market." Jason Wu, CEO, Edison Opto Corporation (Taiwan)  

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